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Improve your bottom line with less chair time, reduced remake rates and improved  aesthetics.


  • Delivering best in class digital dental 3D printed parts is a process that requires several key components to work efficiently.  Cutting corners in any of these areas can cost time and money.  3DDDS has developed a seamless workflow that allows us to consistently deliver the most accurate, aesthetically pleasing parts available, no matter how difficult the case.

Better patient experience

Reduced costs

Accuracy and efficiency reduce costs by eliminating the need for impression trays and materials as well as any retakes.

Integration Instructions

Digital dentistry is complex and 3DDDS provides complete design services.

We use Exocad at 3DDDS to insure the most accurate final product available. 

If you are producing your own designs, the software you choose to work with is essential to your success, as is the clinician producing the files.

3D DDS can help you expand and enhance your service offering, delivering products that maximize your profitability while minimizing training and integration costs.

Software we support


3DDDS uses several different systems, depending on the case that needs to be produced, resulting in the widest variety of best in class parts available.


Understanding a printer's resolution can help you set expectations. Common resin 3D printers include DLP, SLA and LFS systems which use light to cure layers. All are considered high resolution but each deliver different prints.

Efficiency / Volume

In addition to resolution, when deciding on a printer, you should also consider material use, build plate size, peel force, etc.

Material Selection

Not every printer is validated with every resin.  It is critical to understand what materials will work with the printer you are considering, particular if you intend to produce bio-compatible parts that require FDA approved materials.

In addition to serving dental offices, as a high volume full service 3D production facility we provide overflow services to labs.


One of the most important, yet most overlooked steps in the 3D print workflow is post processing.

You cannot ignore your post processing and expect decent results, much less produce at scale.  Your wash and curing systems need to be suited to the type of materials you are working with.

Curing systems must be able to produce optimal UV wavelengths and thermal outputs to ensure efficient curing times, increasing productivity.

3DDDS is known for our attention to detail, delivering the most anatomically correct finishes available.

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Find out how we can improve your bottom line.  Contact us and one of our members will be happy to answer all of your questions.


We are pleased to feature the Industry's leading scanners, insuring we  produce the highest quality designs possible.


Design & Print Services

Complete CAD design & print services.  Send us your scans. We design, produce and ship your parts or we can send back a print ready file if you already have a printing system.

Dental Office Solutions

Our cutting-edge chair-side & in-office solutions include complete equipment & material sales, training & support, as well as industry leading design services.

Dental Lab Solutions

3DDDS provides tailored services that support industry leading hardware, software & materials, increasing throughput and improving up-time.


Printer & Material Validation

We work with scanner, printer, software & resin manufacturers to develop consistent, best in class workflows that are easily integrated across industries.