Full Service Digital Design & Production Services


Digital Dental Now Has a Chairside Solution Provider

3D DDS is the complete digital dental services, design and production lab with a focus on your bottom line.

Our goal to help our clients optimize and improve their revenue while providing their patients solutions to problems, quickly and accurately.

We also distribute, install and/or service a full array of 3D printers, scanners, post processing equipment, and resins for those practices that want to move some of the production in-house.

3D DDS is a US based team, made up of dentists, prosthodontists, dental technicians and CAD/CAM designers, allowing us to take on the most sophisticated cases for our clients.

Select Your Service Level



Submit your scans and we will design, produce and deliver your case quickly, meeting your approved specifications.

This is our most popular option.  Every case is designed and produced using the highest production equipment, methodologies and materials available, delivering the most natural looking and durable parts in the shortest amount of time.


In the event you have a scanner and printer but need someone you can trust to deliver the most accurate designs, you can count on 3DDDS to send you back the design that meets your clients' needs.




You already produce your own designs.  Submit your cases to 3D DDS and we'll produce your parts, to your specification and will ship out to you, quickly.

Your time matters. We strive to provide one of the quickest turn around times in the industry without sacrificing quality.

Our Full List of Services

  • Denture
    • Digital Denture
    • Immediate Denture
  • Partial
    • Partial Denture with metal frame
    • Partial Denture (metal frame only)
    • Flexible Partial Denture
    • Flexible Flipper (single)
  •  Implant
    • Planning with Surgical Guide
    • Planning - Bone Reduction Guide
    • Custom Healing Abutment
    • Custom Impression Tray
    • Cemented Implant Crown
    • Cemented Implant Bridge
    • Titanium Custom Abutment
    • Screw Retained Implant Crown
    • Screw Retained Implant Bridge
    • All on X
  • Crown & Bridge
    • Full Contour Bridge over Prepared Teeth
    • Layered Bridge over Prepared Teeth
    • Full Contour Crown over Prepared Tooth
    • Layered Crown over Prepared Tooth
    • Snap-on Smile
    • Provisional (bridge)
    • Provisional (single unit)
    • Smile Design
  • Splint
    • Occlusal Splint
    • NightGuard
    • MouthGuard
    • Bleaching Tray
    • Anti-Snoring Guard
  • Orthodontic
    • Indirect Bonding Tray
    • Custom Impression Tray
  • Model
    • Quadrant - 2 models with dies
    • Full Arch - 2 models with dies
    • Implant Quadrant
    • Implant Full Arch

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