Pre-Training Checklist


Thank you for completing our Training & Scheduling Questionnaire.

We know you are excited and ready to get your 3d printer running as soon as possible.

Here are some things that you will need to do and items to get so you are ready for successful integration into your workflow.     The information below will ensure that you are ready so integration and training go smoothly.

  • Items to have on site before your printer arrives.
    1. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
    2. Paper towel roll
    3. PPE – Nitrile gloves, Mask, safety glasses
    4. Battery Backup with Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Prepare your space for the equipment
    1. Well Ventilated area with level countertop (18" x 42" minimum space required for system)
    2. Keep away from windows and direct sunlight
    3. Keep away from equipment that vibrates like a mill or lathe.
    4. Keep away from milling, grinding or other activities that create dust and debris
    5. An area near a sink and compressed air is best for the post processing of the prints.
  • Equipment Arrival and setup (See Unboxing and Setup Instructions)

Prior to training, an equipment integration appointment will automatically be scheduled for the day after you receive your equipment. We will need you or a staff member to help us join a remote support session so we can setup your equipment and workflow.

  • Integrate and Setup of the Workflow
    1. Remote Session to log in to new and pre-existing PC, software, Printer, Scanner or Mill for integration and parameter installation/setup where possible
    2. Install Netfab for file QC and Repair (Free)
  • Schedule Training Courses (See Training Course Guide)
    1. 2 sessions for 2 hours each about 1 week apart