MiiCraft Ultra Series Printers

MiiCraft Ultra series printers enables high resolution and accurate printing without sacrificing productivity and quality.

  • Digital Optics Technology
  • Large build platform
  • Flexible User Controls


Our MiiCraft Ultra series printers are capable building models up to 150*84mm @ 78um or 57*32mm @30um with a minimum layer thickness of 5um. This makes the MiiCraft Ultra series printers ideal for jewelry industry, dental industry and micro structure applications.

Item Ultra 150 Ultra 125 Ultra 100 Ultra 80 Ultra 50
Area (mm) 150x84.4x120 125x70x120 102x57.5x120 80x 45x120 57x32x120
XY Resolution 78µ 65µ 53µ 41.5µ 30µ