Our in-house 3D printing services rely on the unprecedented build volume,  intelligent optimization, and Nexa3D’s revolutionary patented LSPc technology to deliver parts on time, every time.


Delivering 3D printed parts is a process that requires several key components to work, much less work efficiently.  Cutting corners in any of these areas can cost you time and money.  3DDDS is unique in that we can design a seamless workflow for your lab or dental office, or our full service production facility provides support in areas that simply do not make sense to keep in-house.

Better patient experience

High resolution scans simplify the process, reducing a patient's intraoral discomfort.

Reduced costs

Accuracy and efficiency reduce costs by eliminating the need for impression trays and materials as well as any retakes.

See our complete list of validated scanners.

Digital dentistry is complex

The design software you choose to work with is essential to your success, as is the clinician producing the files.

Available in both open and closed architectures and the equipment selected often times determines the software.  Before you choose any software, it is important to determine compatibility, and that it comes with adequate training and support.

3D DDS can help you expand and modify your service offering delivering products that maximize your profitability while minimizing training and integration costs.

3DDDS also provides complete outsourced design services.

Software we support


The selection of 3D printers is growing at a phenomenal rate offering solutions for just about anyone to get into the filed. Unfortunately this complicates things.

Not every printer or print technology is suited for every need.


Understanding a printer's resolution can help you set expectations. Common resin 3D printers include DLP, SLA and LFS systems which use light to cure layers. All are considered high resolution but each deliver different prints.

Efficiency / Volume

In addition to resolution, when deciding on a printer, you should also consider material use, build plate size, peel force, etc.

Material Selection

Not every printer is validated with every resin.  It is critical to understand what materials will work with the printer you are considering, particular if you intend to produce bio-compatible parts.

3DDDS is a full service 3D production facility that provides overflow services to labs and dentists nationally.

One of the most important, yet most overlooked steps in the 3D print workflow is post processing.

You cannot ignore your post processing and expect decent results, much less produce at scale.  Your wash and curing systems need to be suited to the type of materials you are working with.

Curing systems must be able to produce optimal UV wavelengths and thermal outputs to ensure efficient curing times, increasing productivity.


Simple. Productivity.

20X productivity in additive manufacturing.

The NXE400 3D printer from NEXA3D delivers best in class print size, volume and speed with the lowest cost of ownership, making this the ultimate print solution for on demand printing.

The NXD200 is specifically built for dental labs equipped with 510K Cleared & Class II Certified KeySplint Soft® and ultra-fast KeyModel Ultra® for high performance dental and orthodontic models, along with the rest of Keystone’s laboratory and medical device printing materials including KeyTray® and KeyGuide®.


Validated Post Processing

Nexa3D’s xCure unlocks the full potential of 3D prints regardless of size or complexity. xCure optimizes the curing of all resin-based parts to ensure consistent dimensional accuracy, robust structural integrity, and
stronger molecular structures, accommodating parts as large as 16 liters in volume.

The xWash system is designed to accompany the xCure which allows the operator to transfer the entire build plate between units, providing a clean and efficient parts handling solution.



We work with the leading resin manufacturers to produce the highest quality parts available.