accuretta diplo

MiiCraft 125

MiiCraft 125 series printer enables high resolution and accurate printing without sacrificing productivity and quality.

  • Digital Optics Technology
  • Large build platform
  • Flexible User Controls


Our MiiCraft 125 series printer is capable building models up to 150*84mm @ 78um or 57*32mm @30um with a minimum layer thickness of 5um. This makes the MiiCraft 125 series printer ideal for jewelry industry, dental industry and micro structure applications.

Large Production Build
3D Printing Technology DLP
Machine Size 48 x 48 x 49.5cm
Build Platform Size 2 x (140 x 78mm)
Slice Thickness 5-100 microns
Resin Wavelength 405 nm

Ackuretta Diplo

The Ackuretta Diplo is a professional-grade 3D printer that offers high resolution, an open material platform, and maximized productivity for direct manufacturing applications across many markets.

  • Dual Print Platform
  • Browser Based Console
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Minimal Post Processing


Alerts & Notifications

Receive notifications on the Diplo or browser for the following

  • Print has started
  • Print is complete
  • Print has fallen off platform (failure)
  • Door is open
  • Build platform is not attached to the machine
  • Vat is not attached to the machine


Ackuretta Ackuray A96

Professional-grade DLP 3D printing made easy

Cost-effective, user-friendly, and low maintenance DLP 3D printers ideal for a wide range of medical and professional applications.

  • Built for speed
  • Advanced UV LED Projector
  • Unparalleled Productivity
  • Auto Calibration


Fine jewelry, crowns and bridges, quadrants, partial dentures, miniatures
Build volume:
96 x 54 x 130 mm
X Y resolution:
50 μm

Ackuretta Ackuray A135

Professional-grade DLP 3D printing made FAST

The Ackuray 3D printers deliver high-resolution prints at speeds that allow for premium, high volume production.

Choice components and intricate design offers a unique mix of quality and reliability.

  • Built for speed
  • Advanced UV LED Projector
  • Unparalleled Productivity
  • Auto Calibration


Fashion jewelry, dental models, surgical guides, splints, trays, bases
Build volume:
135 x 76 x 130 mm
X Y resolution:
70 μm

Uvitron Sunray UV Curing Systems

The requisite to all of our 3D printers.

3D DDS Has selected the largest of the compact high-power UV flood curing systems available, the SunRay.

All system components are integrated into a small lamp head which mounts directly to the Rayven fully enclosed curing chamber.

Available in either 400 or 600 watt arc lamp versions with both using our parabolic reflector to illuminate an 8" x 6" curing area with evenly distributed UV light.

Complete with the Rayven light-shielding chamber, this fully enclosed curing system provides 360 degree light shielding ensuring maximum UV protection, featuring a door-mounted lamp-on indicator and an adjustable height curing tray which allows for 5 repeatable curing distances.